Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Welp, I took my GRE. I got a 750 on Verbal; the 99th percentile starts at 740, so I'm pretty pleased with that. Although, for the record, every such assessment I've ever taken has actually failed to measure my ability - I max them out, which means I'm not getting an actual sense of where I am. One day it would nice to know exactly what increment of 1% I fall into . . . . Math was a particularly dreadful episode in the ongoing saga of Lisa-only-studies-math-when-she-has-to. Sad days. Not reporting that score, but the math on this test is super-duper easy so don't be worried if you have to take it! Just study for oh - four hours would have helped, I bet.

Anyway, I'm nicely above what I need for CU Denver's Public Affairs school, so that's all fine. And done! My LSAT students are about to take the October LSAT too, so my life is freeing up a bit. I'm excited to be able to focus more energy on my two Planning classes - I'm loving them, the lectures, the readings, all great. It's a good fit.

Sam is running up and down the stairs and wants to know why I love the internets more than a real live kitty, so I should run. I hope you like the pic - it's by this artist on Etsy, love her work. Colorado native!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I just had a running breakthrough! The route I've been trying to run is off my back deck, around the townhouses to Greenbriar, up to Lehigh, right on Julliard, and up Gillaspie, back to Greenbriar, and around to the back deck again. It looks like this and is about 2.2 miles long. Now, normally (as in every other time) I can run for maybe 2-3 minutes and then have to stop, mostly due to: a) graying out and eventually tunnel vision b) feeling like I need more air c) stabbing sharp pain in right side and/or shoulder d) all of the above and a loss the will to live.

But today - oh today. Let me tell you about today. I ran off the back deck and over to Redstone Lane - without stopping. Which is about a mile. I walked for about a minute and then ran around and started down Julliard which is when the stitch set in, annoying. Supposedly that's caused by your liver being pulled on by the diaphragm and the shoulder is deferred nerve pain. I tried doing some really deep breathing, like for crazy arias, and it died down! Everyone try that. Anyway, I then proceeded to run up Gillaspie and back to my house without stopping. Who knew I could do that??? Not me. I should note that I was running pretty damn slow, but I normally run slow! AND stop! So there. Watch out, I'm gonna do a 5k sometime soon, nothing to it. And then a 10k. And then, Pinky, we'll do what we always do - try to take over the world.

And this is the outfit I wore while running. So hot. I think it helped me keep going due to the extreme embarassment factor.

Nah, this is actually when I went rafting on the the Upper Arkansas with Meredith! Granite, Pine Creek and the Numbers, technical Category Vs in paddle boats. Yum yum. Want to go back and do those babies in high water! Anyway, the pic portrays my current mental state pretty well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Websites and Applications

This is a handprinted relief print by an artist on Etsy.com. I laughed for about a minute when I found it. Unfortunately it was sold out, but don't you worry - there is a LOT of really cool stuff on this site, and most of it is bizarrely affordable as well. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, eveything on it is handmade. Crazy fun! Thanks to Jennie for enabling me to spend lots of time ogling and drooling.

And thanks to Tanya for introducing me to zenhabits, a great resource for cultivating all those positive habits we wish we had and actually achieving goals. And setting goals. Etc.

Speaking of goals, I need to apply to grad school! Like now! Oops!

I'm freaking out, man. Note: I quoted this last night to my LSAT students and added in "These schnozberries taste like schnozberries" and "Uh - do we sell litercola?" and NO ONE GOT IT. This is what is wrong with the youth of today. A tragic lack of film lit.

Anyway, I need to get rec letters, write an essay, fill out forms, find my tax info, do the FAFSA, have a heart attack . . . and ideally all by October 1st - hahahahaha - but definitely by October 15th. Oh, and I take the GRE September 30th, which I'm sure I will do fine on, but I'd kind of like to destroy and emerge all victorious. Picture me as River and the GRE as the Reavers. That is what I am going for. Also I am trying to have some kind of social life and work out. I think maybe I want to try to be a runner and try to yoga every day. Crazy? Maybe, but I remember what it felt like to just be able to run, and it rocked. Also, doing yoga helps me be more productive and blisses my brain out, and I love that feeling too. Plus the continued quest toward being in shape.

I miss everyone far away. I dunno if you guys read this, but I think you should and then start blogs of your own if you don't have them.

Love and kisssies!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I love this . . .

Don't have much time - I will try to write soon. But I wanted to share this with everyone.