Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Reader

That's one of my favorites things to find in a book. A sentence beginning "Dear Reader . . ." I mean, you know you have a literate and witty writer on your hands when you see that. Plus, it's busting through the fourth wall, and that is always fun.

So, I feel that I need to write something so that all . . . 2 . . . or something of my loyal readers/creepy stalkers have something to look at besides that terrifying last post. So. My hair is reddish, I'm shopping for new roommates (some nice people located so far), I am considering officially declaring myself a nun for tax purposes, I'm wondering about trying to eat a vegan meal a day, I'm taking two summer classes, and I think I'm going to take the LSAT in September, because clearly what I need is another degree rather than, say, A JOB. Oh, and I might audition for American Idol. For shits and giggles. What should I sing? Think pop-rock but good for a lyric, and I want to show off my range. Also, when do they come to Denver???

There's your update.