Friday, June 08, 2007


So Cusco is actually a very picturesque city, especially the main square. It has a large cathedral, several other churches,and lots of shops which have little restaurants and cafes upstairs. Last night we wandered around touristy shops which were still pretty cool because they have Peruvian handicrafts and jewelry. The jewelry is pretty cool, different from what I´ve seen elsewhere (maybe most similar to Greek jewelry, but really not the same) but still very wearable. I may cave at some point, but for now I´m being good. Today we´re meeting up with Cat´s parents and going to the Pisac market outside Cusco (at least I think it´s a market . . . it´s possible I´ve gotten my ruins and my markets crossed). The textiles there are supposed to be ridiculously diverse and beautiful and cheap, so I´m excited! It would be good to get something to put on the white walls of my house.

Ok, heading upstairs to pack to move to our hostal . . . more later!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cusco, woohoo!

Hey all,

Cat and I are safely in Cusco. I flew to NYC on June 5th and took the M60 out of LAGuardia straight up to cat´s place (it was great, cost $2 instead of like $30 for a cab). I also got to see most of Harlem. Which is . . . Harlem . . . tragically lacking in speakeasys and jazz clubs and instead full of Payless Shoe stores and Reebok and some mildy frightening people. Overall it actually looked pretty safe though, at least during the day. I also got to enjoy riding the bus with a woman who was talkign to herself. However, as she was deaf-mute, this meant SIGNING TO HERSELF. It was great.

Cat went to Thomas Keller´s Per Se to celebrate finishing her USMLEs (first round of med school boards) and I luxuriated in being in the Upper West Side and ordered Thai food that was delivered by a real live Thai person! And was also just really good. We picked up some last minute necessities on the 6th and caught out red eye out of JFK at 11:30 PM!

I amd never a fan of flights over 4 hours which do not allow me to get into a rpone position, but honestly LAN air was awesome. They had tons of free movies - I watched Music and Lyrics and found it adorable, and they also have PLAYER VS. PLAYER BATTLESHIP!!!! Yeah. Sweet.

Got into Lima, 3 hour layover to go out to Cusco, but customs and breakfast took up most of that time. Smooth sailing to Cusco )1-5 hours flight, easy) and I got to start reading Twilight (oh my gosh Jennie, I can´t believe a Mormon author wrote that! It´s hilariously trashy, albeit in a young adult kind of way. PERFECT brainless airplane book. Also, I am quite attracted to Edward. Who, for everyone else, happen to be a vampire! I´m telling you it´s trashy.

Anyway, Cat and I are going upstairs now. Cusco is beautiful and adorable, our hotel is great (hostal tomorrow), the people are SO NICE, yummy food, no G.I. issueds yet ' all good!

More later . . .