Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tennis In the Air

So I was hanging out at Tanya's place - we enjoyed a delicious vegan Thanksgiving feast that her roommate, Ani, prepared. Tomorrow there will be milk in my mashed potatoes, however! Anyway, I saw an interesting picture on her desktop . . .

So the circle off to the side of the Burj Al Arab hotel is a helipad. Looks a bit green though, don't you think?

Oh yes, that would be because Federer and Agassi are playing tennis on it! 692 feet in the sky! This was just a practice match, but wow. I think it would take me a little bit to get over the rather large drop behind me . . . it would make it hard to go after balls as much as I should. Eek! I have to say, this just increases my desire to visit Dubai - as a tourist, though. I know some people who worked for my company there and apparently it was horrible. But you know, shopping, playing tennis up high, swimming . . . I could do that.

This one gives me vertigo just looking at it. Agassi is the smart one, 'cause he's lying down to look over. Apparently there was a net there to catch them, but I would not have been using the baseline much.